"I'm Just Trying To Coexist In Zion" // Vinnie Cassius

"I'm just trying to coexist in Zion"

Visual series created by Austin Anders and Vinnie Cassius photos by Seneca Piner



as a compilation of trials and tribulations in the form of poetry, rap, and amazing visuals ... part one is entitled "Coexisting"; with worldly battles around us and the inner conflicts we face daily. whether it be family, community, black, white.. we want to take you through a journey. 

emotions will be sparked, questions of self, reality and, life will be unable to go ignored... starting this idea, i realized that i have a lot of questions of purpose and self discovery. almost loosing the "passion" to create, the only form of something real i know, i realized that like clock work, we are hurting and looking for purpose; we are the same. 

-Vinnie Cassius