"R.I.U" - OMNIWOLF // Vinnie Cassius


Powered by druxusa. Directed and Scored by Austin Anders @ak_anders5 & vinniecassius @vinniecassius sounds from: z i o n 'R.I.U.' is an independent short-film from the mind of vinniecassius and Austin Anders. From vinniecassius' upcoming LP 'OMNIWOLF' - 'R.I.U.' is the first of many singles designed to take the viewer through an abstract dream-like events via visuals trips and sonic vibex. 

Photos by Seneca Piner @senecapiner

"Drugs" / "5:40" // AZA

"Drugs" AZA Ft. Adub Prod. Mikuda Artwork by Alethia Lunares

5:40 AZA - single - Artwork by Alethia Lunares

"EXISTENCE" (Death Of Ego) // Vinnie Cassius



As an artist it is hard to accept certain emotions and emotional outcomes. they become stronger then any feeling; 

feelings of self, of loneness, of doubt.. even feelings of limitless ego .. suppressed by the reality of your "art"

It's at times easy to get lost in the hype of what you think you've become and what you will one day leave behind. crafting and molding who you want to become as an artist is frustrating when your personal life doesn't match. I've felt this, and I've beat the emotions that my ego was so set on protecting, but I realized, in order to become an artist you have to neglect your ego and channel its energy into something tangible, you have to continue to feel emotions that gave you the initiative to become an artist, to become something much more then what you are today... tomorrow isn't promised but my words will last forever, as long as I craft them into existence... in Zion "Existence" (Death of Ego)

-Vinnie Cassius


Photos by Seneca Piner

"I'm Just Trying To Coexist In Zion" // Vinnie Cassius

"I'm just trying to coexist in Zion"

Visual series created by Austin Anders and Vinnie Cassius photos by Seneca Piner



as a compilation of trials and tribulations in the form of poetry, rap, and amazing visuals ... part one is entitled "Coexisting"; with worldly battles around us and the inner conflicts we face daily. whether it be family, community, black, white.. we want to take you through a journey. 

emotions will be sparked, questions of self, reality and, life will be unable to go ignored... starting this idea, i realized that i have a lot of questions of purpose and self discovery. almost loosing the "passion" to create, the only form of something real i know, i realized that like clock work, we are hurting and looking for purpose; we are the same. 

-Vinnie Cassius