Dylan Violent, Hand Poke Tattoo Artist & Owner of OFNSE

Dylan and his OFSNE crew took over the Drux studio this past weekend as the final stop on their Hot & Cold Pop-Up tour. Dylan has been tattooing for four years now and has mastered the art of hand poke tattoos. He’s heavily influenced by barb wire, broken glass and bullet holes. He is known for his bold black lines and precise clean edges. Aside from his hand poke tattoos, he also does original paintings, and merchandise.

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FamilyTies009 - FortyFour/CadeGoetz

An inside look at Cade Goetz and his brand “FortyFour”.

“I’d say this all started about June 3rd, 2017.  I was looking for a way to wear clothes that nobody else around me had. I hated when I would walk into class and look over and some kid was wearing the same brand as me. So I went home and was just looking at my clothes, grabbed a pair of dark blue denim jeans that I liked as a base. Then I looked through a bunch of stuff that didn’t fit anymore, grabbed an old tan colored jacket and these like burgundy corduroy pants. I cut a pocket off of the jacket and a big square of the corduroy. Then sewn on by hand onto the dark blue jeans. I still think they are the coolest pants I’ve made yet. Started wearing them around and the homies would be like those are rad you should make some more, blah blah. Thought about it for a little, then I made a few more pieces by hand after that, but I was having a problem of stuff falling apart in the wash. So I was super bummed on that and lost focus. Then right around that time I had my dad pass away and that created a big hiatus. (R.I.P. miss you g <3) This was about May 2017 - April 2018. During that hiatus I got really into a few brands like Foulplay and FTP. I knew about Drux USA for awhile, being it’s local and me and Austin both like car things so I’ve seen it around. I saw they had a storefront and were releasing a collection and I really wanted to go check it out and get some stuff. So I went and chatted it up with Austin and Seneca for a bit and talked about clothes and what not and I just left feeling SUPER inspired. And it just made me think like damn, why don’t I do something like this. After that day I thought about it everyday on how I could make more quality, wearable pieces. There was a sewing machine laying around the house, so I took it into my room and looked up a video on how to use it. Messed around and made my first piece with a sewing machine April 30, 2018. From then until the beginning of August.  I was just messing around figuring out how to sew and was also thinking of making this into something and seeing what I can do. So then that’s where 4forty4four comes into play. Me and my group of friends have seen this number around for a while before all of this. Has a special meaning to all of us. The number 44 is an angelic number with the meaning that your angels are close with you, telling you to keep going on the path you are on, that you’ll be inspired to live with purpose. It’s an indication that the abundance that you seek is on its way to you. Your angels are communicating with you directly in an effort to bring you peace, encouragement, and inspiration. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t. So with a name picked, I decided to release a small collection that I made while learning how to sew on September 15, 2018 to break the ice. And have released a few pieces every month since. I just can’t wait for the future. I’ve got some cool stuff lined up and still so much to learn in every area. Thank you to anyone supporting me. I love you.”

Cade directed and styled his look book shoot at the Drux studio along side his close friends that modeled.

Director of shoot @cadegoatz , shooting look book @dreaudreau , left model @pineraidan, model on right @courtcall88


Video by Austin Anders @ak_anders Owner of DruxUSA

Absent* Parker Jeppsen

Our relationship with Parker started just a couple months ago over social media, we finally met parker at the store and knew we would have a lasting genuine friendship with him. He started Absent earlier this year with the release of some tees and shorts. He quickly followed with the release of his airbrush angel and devil tees that made a huge impression on the street wear community. Since then, Parker has released a number of pieces from a collab with 10CELLPHONES, a pop-up in NC, iconic hunter tees, a collaboration with Clean, a rhinestone collection and most recently his first full collection totaling 13 pieces titled “To Die For”. Parker has been making a wave in the underground since he began and will continue his journey in Chicago January of 19’.

Find Parker on Social media @Pakerabsent , @absentclothing

[Profile] Episode 1. w/ Snxff

We sat down with Producer Aaron Snxff to learn more about his beat making process, background, and what drives him. IG: @yungsnxff https://soundcloud.com/snxffbeats @druxusa

Aaron Snxff has been making music from a very young age. His most recent passion has been with hip hop music and creating hard, deep, unique sound of his own. Here is an inside look at Salt lake City producer SNXFF. His background, why he loves making music, and the break down of how to create a snxff beat.

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*LAB* 1 Year Anniversary at Concepts.Gallery

CUT * SEW * PAINT * PRESS w/ Drux USA "LAB" installation for the one year anniversary of our flagship.

For our 1 year anniversary we decided to thank our customers for all the support from the past year by having a lab event where you can come in and pick out a blank and then design the article of clothing how you like. We couldn’t have done this without everyones support and are looking forward to the events in the upcoming year.

DRUX had their 1 year anniversary recently. We went to go peep their "LAB" pop up, at their Concepts store. Follow Me! Instagram: Chefboi_Alex Snapchat: valentino_trill Twitter: Chefboi_Alex #chefboialex #drux #popupshop

"500 Degrees" - Single // VINNIECASSIUS PROD. SNXFF


Timeless artists are those who speak a language of transparency and truth. Rapper / poet teaming up with producer snxff, vinniecassius delivers "500 Degrees" over a stylish track that is both sonically mesmerizing and full of thought provoking lyrics that shows vinnie’s wide range of musicality. 

Stream it on soundcloud and all major streaming platforms 

Brody Ashton* POP-UP at Concepts gallery

Brody Ashton takes over Concepts Gallery to display his highly anticipated plaid anorak.

photographed by Seneca Piner @senecapiner Modeled by CJ Bode @mrallinaday



AZA releases a follow up album to EP $altCity which released in 2016. Listen as he takes you through his thoughts and reality over the past two years in $ALTCITYII. @AZA801

ARTWORK BY @Alethialunares

VINNIECASSIUS -- SLUG *localized* x Concepts.Gallery

BTS Shoot of VinnieCassius for Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine's 
June Issue [ Out Now ]
When speaking of fashionable Utah emcees, Cassius (aka Pretty Misfit or Tsunami Slim) must be mentioned.
— Keith Mcdonald [SLUG]

FAMILYties .008 // 35mm | Concepts Gallery 4.13.18


Marc @nomcram Photographed by Seneca Piner

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